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At the same day as we implement our strategies you will start noticing first results. Engagement on your posts will increase and your followers count will start to grow. Results will increase gradually during first few weeks. After that you will see fantastic and consistent results. We constantly work on optimizing our growth strategies, so you don’t have to worry about it.

We use ethical and organic automation techniques to keep your account safe & secure. Instagram has limits on the amount of actions you can perform within a certain amount of time. We work well within the limits to ensure your account is always safe.We have never had a client account banned or disabled. Our methods are based on adding value to your target community, which in turns raises your brand awareness and creates valuable new relationships. 

Your Instagram credentials are also secure and stored in encrypted file with us. The only person that will see your password is your account manager.

Absolutely! We use advanced targeting methods. While you can expect your following to grow significantly, it will be a following that will actually engage with your brand. You will come across many cheap SMM services, and in many cases they’re are cheap for a reason. They add fake or completely not related to the business and niche followers that will never become your customers. Don’t forget that we partner with trusted 3rd-party firm specializing in machine learning analytics such as HypeAuditor. We are always 100% transparent with our clients and provide the audits to back it up.

Yes, you can typically use your account normally; however, if your activity is affecting the growth strategy, then your account manager might request certain limitations. Limitations may include engagement activities including following, unfollowing and liking. As always we also recommend that you don’t make too many comments (>100) and send too many DMs (>50) because you will risk flagging your account as spam. 

Please contact your account manager for more details. We can upgrade your account at any time during the subscription.

We don’t want to see you leave and hope you contact us first with any issues before you cancel in case it is easily rectified on our end! However, should you wish to cancel or pause your subscription, you can easily do by contacting your account manager. 

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